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What is your skin type?

Before finding suitable skincare regimen and products, you need to identify your skin type. There are 5 basic types of skin for all genders. Let's take a look at them!

  1. Normal skin: If your skin is usually smooth, not too dry or too oily and you barely feel any changes on your skin throughout the day, it's firm, with minimal fine lines and wrinkles, lucky you, you have a normal skin! Your skin can tolerate pretty much everything

  2. Dry skin: You feel rough texture, dull color and tightness about your skin most of the time. It's caused by a lack of oil - the body's natural skin preserver. These are ingredients in products that you need to watch our for: alcohol, retinol, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

  3. Oily skin: Unlike dry skin, your concern is more about frequent acne breakouts, visible pores and shine. That oily skin kinda makes you looks younger though it always seems to be glowing. These ingredients in products that you need to watch our for: mineral oil, petrolatum, alcohol.

  4. Combination skin: Is your skin oily in T-zone (including your forehead and nose) and dry on the rest of the face? Your type is combination! The ingredients in products that you need to watch our for are similar to dry or oil skin.

  5. Sensitive skin: Skin that flushes easily with frequent rashes and bumps, stinging or burning after using a skincare product.. Those with sensitive skin are also highly affected by seasonal changes. These are ingredients in products that you need to watch our for: perfumes, fragrances, preservatives.

There are plenty ways to determine your skin type, for example, you can simply wait for one or two hours after washing your face, don't apply any products. That's when your skin gets back to its natural characteristics to analyze by looking in the mirror.

If you wonder about the person who's writing this blog, well, my skin is combination type. In oily area near my nose, the pores are bigger than other areas, which is also one of the things caused my breakouts in my 20s.

Next time, we are going to talk about skincare routine. Don't miss that!

Have a good day, clean your face and let us know what you find out about your skin!