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Did you know about Double cleansing?

We talked about basic skincare routine, different kinds of cleansers earlier and if you noted, we did mention "Double cleansing" at some point. Today, we're going to dig into that method a bit further.

What is Double cleansing? It's a popular technique in Japan and South Korea before catching on in Europe and North America. As the name implies, Double cleansing means washing your face twice with two different types of cleansers, one right after the other.

Why should I Double cleanse? If you wear makeup or sunscreen, it's important to make sure you remove makeup and dirt that accumulates on our skin at the end of the day. Otherwise it can cause oxidative damage to the skin, contribute to the breakdown of collagen and development of wrinkles and sun spots.

Your first cleanser is meant to take makeup as well as sunscreen off. Without this, one cleanser alone will have to work its way through layers of makeup along with sunscreen which is too much to expect.

What type of cleansers should I use? It depends on your skin type, the type of makeup you wear and your sunscreen, but oil-based cleansers are recommended for the first wash and water-based cleanser are for the second wash.

  • First wash: cream/milk/oil/micellar cleanser/cleansing balm/wipe.

  • Second wash: gel/foam cleanser or other gentle cleansers.

Do I need to use two different cleansers? You do not need two cleansers for double cleansing, you can simply use the same product twice since there are some cleansers specifically tailored to break through your makeup and wash away any impurities on the surface.

Final thoughts While Double cleansing can be helpful in some situations, this method is not necessary for everyone. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup or use a lightweight sunscreen. You may not need double-cleansing. However, if you feel your skin is sticky or greasy even after cleansing, you can opt for a different cleanser or simply double-cleanse.

Next time, we will write more about the proper way to apply each kind of the cleansers on your skin for the first wash.

Have a good day and remember to wash your face before going to bed! Ski