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16 Tips for Washing Your Face

I've been apply these tips for my facial cleansing so far and I think they will be helpful for you too!

  1. First of all, keep hair out of your face. Tie it up or use hair band, towel. That doesn't only prevent your hair from getting wet but also make sure all the dirts on your face can be removed absolutely.

  2. Wash your hands. You need to make sure your hands are clean so that bacteria which can cause acnes and skin infections can't be transferred onto your skin.

  3. Use cleansing products which are suitable with your skin type and skin condition. As mentioned in our post https://www.skica.me/post/what-cleanser-is-for-you, there are several kinds of cleansers and not every skin type can fit all of those cleansers. For example, if you have a dry skin, then using a foamy cleanser will not be a best choice since it tends to make your skin dry even more.

  4. Remember to remove your makeup before going to bed. After a long day, when you come home, nothing is perfect more than go sleep right away and sometimes, you tend to skip some steps in your skin care regiment, such as: removing your makeup. However, the normal cleanser may not be able to wash all the waterproof makeup layer away, the dirt may be still stuck beneath the surface of your pores and in long term that will cause acnes for your skin from those clogged pores.

  5. Apply double cleansing when you wear makeup or sunscreen. Even you only wear sunscreen during the day, it's still better to double cleanse your face at the the end of the day. You can read more about the method at https://www.skica.me/post/did-you-know-about-double-cleansing

  6. Use lukewarm water. Hot water may irritate and dry out your skin while Cold water doesn't effectively remove the dirt from your skin. Warm water helps loosen the daily grime and preserves your skin's natural hydrating oils at the same time.

  7. Wash your face twice a day, usually in the morning after waking up and in the evening before sleeping. I know some people also do that few more time during the day, like: after coming home from going outside, or at noon when they feel greasy, or after going gym/ exercise... Yet, over cleansing face can remove the natural hydrating oil of your skin and that's not what you want for sure. In stead, wet a cotton pad/ ball with your toner and apply them to the face as a quick way to wipe out the dirt on your face.

  8. Wash your face with cleanser in the morning, instead of using water only. Last year, I tried a few weeks not using cleanser for my morning routine. At first, I felt really good. To me, both splashing water on my face and applying wet the cotton pad with water seemed no difference from using an actual cleansing product. But, once again, it's a but (^^!), my skin broke out after that. At that time I did apply different skincare products for my night routine, such as: retinol, night cream..., and it's not easy to remove those layers I put onto my skin with water only.

  9. Spend about 1 minute to wash your face. Aggressive cleansing face or for too long especially when your cleanser contains any exfoliating ingredients can quickly lead to red, irritated, angry skin.

  10. Slightly massage your face while washing your face. Using three or four fingers, start massaging in gentle upward circular motions, working from the center of your forehead out, toward the temples. This encourages your skin to stay tight and naturally lifted.

  11. Gently pat your face with water for a few times. It's a way to open up and cleanse clogged pores, which is good news.

  12. If your skin is temporarily irritated or allergic with something, you can simply use light salt water instead of a cleanser for a couple of days. Salt water naturally absorbs bacteria in the skin as well as sucks pore-clogging oil and toxins out of the skin.  That helped me a lot during my breakout last year.

  13. Keep your washing tools clean. If you use facial cleansing devices, make sure that you keep them dry and clean from bacteria.

  14. After washing face, pat your face dry but not too dry with a clean towel or cotton pad. Some products like Toners, Essences, Serums (if they don’t contain anything potentially irritating like retinol or chemical exfoliants), Face oils, Moisturizers, Hydrating mists work better on a damp skin.

  15. So, don't wait too long to continue your skincare routine after that. You should apply toner to balance your skin within 1 minute afterward.

  16. Or you can apply physical exfoliator, facial mask which can be in creamy or gel texture or mask sheet as a next step of your regiment

And that's it for today! I hope these tips will help you enjoy cleansing your face for a healthy skin.

In the meantime, have a lovely day! :)

Quynh Huong

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